The Girl and the Extraordinary Panelbeater

Car 1

I have a deep distrust of car mechanics and panelbeaters.

Over the years I have had the misfortune to frequent both.

VWInevitably I am treated as if I am mentally dysfunctional and drive away in a car I have overpaid for and that is not fixed.

There was the time I took my 1976 Citi Golf in for a service and got it back with a petrol pump older than the car.

The time my battery was replaced with a dead one. At least when I complained and provided proof of my new battery the person responsible was fired.

Oh, and let’s not forget the time the service manager told me to, “Get the @#$% out of his forecourt and never come back.” That was because I had come back for the fifth time with same issue.

These experiences have left me somewhat jaded.

You might remember the case of the shiny black Mercedes that rear-ended me a while back. You may not, in which case you can catch up here.

Initially the insurance company wanted to write off the car based on the quote from the fancy-schmansy approved panel beater.

Currently we are without the wherewithal to purchase a new car and we turned in some quiet desperation to the assessor.

car 3The brilliant man suggested Panelbeating and Spray Bar in Wynberg.

Hidden behind a scrapyard is the jewel of panelbeaters.

My car looks better than it ever has, even on its first day. It gleams. It shines. It looks absolutely fantastic.

Not only did he fix the car and make it look like new, he also took it for a test drive and replaced a faulty brake circuit and reset the clutch.

He also fixed the mess that the previous panelbeater made.

So given my prior experiences I do not make this recommendation lightly.

car 4If you need a panelbeater for your car and you live in Johannesburg take it to these guys.

They will not rip you off.

They will not treat you like an idiot if you don’t know what an altimeter does.

They do have a name that tells it like it is.

They will take extremely good care of you and your wheels.


Phone: 011 440 8057


Find them at: 6 Fourth Ave, Riviera, Sandton, 2193  (Opposite Toyota)


10 thoughts on “The Girl and the Extraordinary Panelbeater

  1. You don’t want to sell me that kombi? Looking for a vehicle and don’t want to pay the 2nd hand car dealers’ prices. I’ll pass this on to people I that lives in Gauteng.

  2. This is what Neville had to say:
    “Thank for the very kind words. You are a gem, because in today’s times people are very aggressive, but never spare 2 minutes to drop a note when they are satisfied.Take it as bouquet for the day.”

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