Hey! Whose the guy in the socks?


My husband and my father have two things in common.

One is their love of me and the other their wont to jazz up their work suits with some level of individuality – in particular socks, ties, braces etc.

Nicsocks bracesMy father chooses flamboyant socks and braces of mustard, red and tartan.

He once went into a store in New York City and asked for a pair of braces that said, “I’ve been to New York”.

He got them.

Finally, hidden under professional pin stripe were the socks.

There should be odes written to my father’s socks.

17 years ago my husband came into my life.

He is very strange about socks. You must understand that he has to this day feet like a newborn child. He wears two pairs of socks and the thought of going barefoot fills him with paroxysms of panic.

From the moment he laid eyes on my father’s socks his life changed. His socks are now his signature item. Socks in all colours of the rainbow. Socks of contrasting colour. Socks that say – “This is me!” In Technicolor.

He is a man for whom a gift of socks can never be wrong. I usually tend towards Hackett for his socks, but this either means ferrying them from the United Kingdom or purchasing them at Sandton City at an exorbitant cost.

Over the years we have fallen into a birthday routine. We find the sites of things we like and we casually leave them open for the other to find. We like to think we are subtle, but we may as well take out a billboard on the highway.

The husband’s birthday is in fact today.

nicsocks-logoI arrived home to find the browser open on Nicsocks.com.

The site is as close to sock heaven as my man is likely to find anywhere on this earth.

Polka dots, squares, stripes, eye spy – there is plethora of fabulous socks.

The cast of Big Bang Theory would die for these socks.

Nic-SocksThere is the Bar Code, the Check Mate, the Clown, the Humphrey, the Barber Shop and I could go on and on and on.

Nicsocks has obviously been designed with the men in my life in mind.

Every sock is a limited edition, so if you tend to lose one in the wash to the Great Sock Heaven in the Spin Cycle, you may want to buy two of each.

Nicsocks ANicsocks love socks so much they’ve even started a sock fan club called Sockaholics.

Manufactured in Cape Town, NicSocks are packaged by hand with much care before they are wrapped up and sent to you.

You can even get them on subscription!

A sock subscription. How cool is that?

You choose between 12  and 15 pairs of socks every year and for a monthly subscription or one-time annual payment starting at R645 you’ll get a new pair of socks every few months.

Nicsocks BSo, if the man in your life likes a little personal elan, why not buy them a pair of socks that will make them stand out from the crowd. They will never be “just that guy” again. They’ll be “That guy in the funky socks!”

Of course, now I will have to take out a subscription, because I can’t not.

Find them online at: http://nicsocks.com

Check out their blog on: http://nicsocks.com/blog/

They’re also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NicSocks

Find out more about the man behind the socks Nic Haralambous


3 thoughts on “Hey! Whose the guy in the socks?

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  2. You are strange and wonderful, darling — what with your Laser Tag mishaps and your essays on hosiery — what will you come up with next? (Oh wait, this is your life — should I really wish adventure on you?)

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