Bad hair day? What the !@# do you think?


What the hell am I going to do?

Disaster has struck!

Not a bad hair day, but a bad hair monstrous screw up.

Let me backtrack.

Hair 1I was feeling a little down in the dumps and thought I’d colour my hair to cheer myself up.

For some reason I thought brunette would be a nice change from sort of ginger faded out mouse.

I paid for my box of home hair colour. Yes, I know you should never buy home hair colour, but I did.

I got home to discover the shop owner had taken out the colour vial to stop shoplifting. I went back and was handed the colour.


I didn’t get brunette colouring.

I got black.

As the ace of spades.


I only found that out after colouring my hair.

morticia-addams Now I look like Morticia Adams!

My husband laughed.

My eldest son guffawed.

My daughter exclaimed, “Mummy’s gone Goth! Don’t worry Mummy, you can die it blonde then dye it red and it won’t be so bad.”

I have to go to work tomorrow.

And I can’t afford a hairdresser right now. (Donations welcome).

So, I am torn between donning an Islamic head scarf, chopping it all off, or just phoning in sick.

Oh the utter humiliation of a dye job gone wrong.



Me black hair




22 thoughts on “Bad hair day? What the !@# do you think?

  1. Please give me permission to laugh before I comment again 🙂

    PMSL…You break ribs when I read your blog

    I am Sorry Vicky lol x

  2. You seem to be coming up with all sorts of reasons to phone in sick. 😉 (And you won’t actually do it.)

    Haven’t you ever read Anne of Green Gables? I’m keeping my greys just because I know that, as one should never shut oneself into a wardrobe, one should also never die one’s hair. On the up side, Anne WANTED raven black tresses. So, you know . . .

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