Madiba – You will always be in our hearts


Nelson Mandela is dying.

As a nation we have to accept this.

Mandela 1We may grieve.

We may celebrate his life, his achievements and his legacy, but above all we have to let him go.



For his family this time is intensely personal and to share this intimacy with an entire country must take an enormous toll.

Mandela 2Amidst all this it is profoundly shocking that the ANC he founded should use his final days as a political grandstand claiming ownership of this great man’s life and death.

Even more shocking to me is the rumour that President Obama might turn this great man’s deathbed into a public relations photo-op.

To intrude on a family’s grief in this way beggars belief.

Mandela 3Nelson Mandela is a statesman, a past President, he is our leader and the father of a democratic South Africa.

First and foremost though, he is a husband, a father, a grandfather and a great-grandfather.

It is time we honoured this.



Nelson Mandela is not a saint. He is a man. He has done both good and evil in the name of his cause. People died. People lived.

Nelson_Mandela_by_scatterdthoughtsWhat sets him apart from all of us, was his ability to not only ask forgiveness, but to give it to the government who kept him jailed for 27 years.

I doubt many of us could have walked out those gates and called for peace the way he did.

The day he passes I fear the conscience not only of this country, but this continent will pass with him.

My greatest fear is that all he fought for and stood for will come to naught, as the greed and avarice so endemic in the leadership of the ANC runs riot.

Mandela 10I fear that 20 years from now the world will look on South Africa and wonder what went wrong as we morph into yet another African dictatorship operating under a very thin veneer of democracy.



Now is not the time for that.

Nelson+MandelaNow is the time to give thanks for all the lives Madiba has touched.

To give thanks for his enormous strength, his love for this country and the children he adored.

It is time to say our goodbyes and celebrate this giant of a man whose integrity, wisdom, humility and leadership have enriched our lives.

Mandela 5It is time to put politics and spin doctors aside.

It is time to wish him well on another great adventure.

Our loss can only be heaven’s gain.

nelson-mandela-dayThis year on Mandela Day (18 July) let us all follow his example all over the world and in some small way contribute to his legacy by giving 67 minutes of our time to better the communities in which we live.

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5 thoughts on “Madiba – You will always be in our hearts

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  3. Brilliant…
    Was going to do a blog on him myself but you and others have already.
    There won’t be many like him to come along again.
    He inspired a generation and will inspire many to come

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