13 Years On…

v and mA few days ago I happened upon a blog post that listed the writer’s grandmother’s kitchen tea messages from her friends.

Each had used the letters of their name to advise the future wife on how to keep her man happy and content in the years to come.

The 16th of June marked my 13th wedding anniversary and 17 years of being together.

So, I thought I’d give the same style a shot.


Victoria said to Marc I do

In a pair of beautifully painful shoes

Caught one hell of a roller coaster ride

Travelled the wide world from side to side

Oh, but the dress was a terribly beautiful thing

Really overshadowed only by the diamond ring

In everything we’ve been through and through thick and through thin

Adventures are something we always find ourselves in

But when we forget to look when we leap

Remember that somehow we land on our feet

Under it all when push comes to shove

Companions and friends with a whole lot of love

Even when he snores. Which he knows I abhor.


And here is my advice for other wives…

Voice your opinion, but listen in return

Influenza for a man is a deadly concern

Cook chicken soup and be a good nurse

To ensure he does the same for you in reverse

On his birthday buy lingerie with red ribbons and lace

Remind him why he married you in the first place

In spite of the not insignificant cost

A man prefers sex to a pair of new socks

Be prepared to forgive dirty laundry on the floor

Rapidly deposing of rodents is what husbands are for

Unless he won’t in which case don’t

Coffee is essential for marital bliss

Eschew everything else but do not forget this





18 thoughts on “13 Years On…

  1. HA HA Brilliant…
    I will do one, but I have a dirty Scottish Mind 😦

    I will try keep it clean.. 🙂 x

  2. congrats!
    i even clicked on your adsense ad in the hopes that it pays out to you: a little anniversary gift. sort of.

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