Friday Fictioneers: The Piano Man


They called him the piano man. He was a legend in his time.

The old men on the street corner still tell stories of how he could talk to pianos, but had no words to speak to man. A mute genius they said.

Millionaires and famous musicians from all over the world paid him princely sums to tune their instruments. His only proviso was that he be left alone to work his magic.

One day a young girl hid behind the heavy red velvet curtains at the opera house to find out his secret.

She said that the piano opened up and swallowed him whole. No-one ever saw him again.

They said she was mad and they locked her away, but she didn’t care.

She knew what she saw.   

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly flash fiction challenge. Write 100 words on the photograph. Try it. I dare you.


34 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Piano Man

    • Yes, it is somewhat disturbing. Then I think adults are quick to discount children. My son aged 3 told me teachers were hitting his baby brother. A week later another parent called to tell me she had seen the same thing. I could stopped it a week earlier if I had just taken him more seriously.

  1. It is always easiest to declare the seers of the strange to be crazy than to open up our beliefs to the unthinkable. The poor girl’s only error was telling what she saw to those who dared not believe it could be true. You did a fabulous job with this.

  2. Might you have used The Piano Whisperer, darling? The Piano Man has the Billy Joel association, whereas the Piano Whisperer suggests a guru or sorts… just a thought.
    “Hey, Helena — go frak your hat, m’kay?” Is an acceptable response, and no offense taken.

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