Friday Fictioneers – The Elegitibra

Copyright EL Appleby

Copyright EL Appleby

I have the trunk of an elephant

To scratch my back when it itches

And the stripes of a stately zebra

On the back of my furry britches

I have the stripes of a tiger

As never seen in the wide savannah

And the neck of a gentle giraffe

To reach the highest banana

You may laugh at me when you look

But I beg you sir, look closer

It would be to your detriment

To write me off as a poser

For who can reach as far below

Or as high in the trees as I?

Who can fight like a tiger

Or give you a kick in the eye?

A note

Yes I cheated a little. I wrote a poem. He just looked like he would speak in rhyme.

Don’t judge me!

Link to Friday Fictioneers over here and give it a try.

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100 words.

Get going.


62 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Elegitibra

  1. Never apologize for writing something clever, darling. This reminded me of a storybook I had as a young girl growing up in Bichon-Frisse. My papa would make some of his famous Jell-o and read me stories of mythical creatures whilst my mother give me a mani/pedi.

  2. Victoria poetry is definitely not strange from Fictioneers. i thought it was cute and very appropriate as this creature has so many pieces that comprise the whole.

  3. Much harder writing a flash poem. Credit where it’s due!
    Loved the title too- I was initially tempted to ‘name’ the creature by combining names, but in the end I didn’t. I wonder how many we will see.

  4. Your poem is so much fun! It reminded me of Ogden Nash’s poems. And I’m enjoying how the submissions this week are coming up with creative names for this unusual creature. I tried saying “Elegitibra” five times fast and failed miserably. Neat name!

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