The Rainbow who Lost her Colours Part 3: In Search of Orange

I took a break from the Rainbow story, but I am determined to get it down before Miss Diva loses interest and I forget it.

Copyright Priyanka Rastogi

Copyright Priyanka Rastogi

In search of orange

Later that night, Isabelle and Alastair sat looking up at the rainbow.

“How do we find her orange?” asked Isabelle.

“Well,” pondered Alastair, “Maybe we need to think about what orange means? If red was love, what is orange?”

“Orange is the sky in the morning,” said Isabelle, “When the sun just peeks over the edge of the world and warms the day.”

“That’s it!” said Alastair, “The sun. Orange is a new beginning, a new start.”

“Oh yes!” laughed Isabelle, “Orange is about the new day and all the potential it holds.”

Early in the morning the two children crept out of the house and climbed the tall hill outside the village. At the edge of the cliff they sat staring out towards the East across the sleeping sea.

Morning Sun by Arthur Dove

Morning Sun by Arthur Dove

When the first ray of sun appeared over the horizon, the children stood up and took a deep breath.

“Sun!” they shouted as loud as they could, “Please can you help our rainbow? She needs a new beginning. May we have a ray of  sun to take to her?”

The sun smiled at them and their hearts filled with joy as a ray of golden orange sun lay at their feet.

Alastair rolled it up tightly and put it in his bag.

“Come on,” he said to his sister, “Let’s go!”

Copyright Sushila Burgess

Copyright Sushila Burgess

Halfway down the hill they saw a young shepherd boy, his dirty cheeks stained with the lines of his tears.

“What has happened?” asked Isabelle.

“I have lost my sheep,” sniffed the little boy, “I didn’t mean to fall asleep, but I did and they have all gone. Now what will my family do?”

Alastair tore off a piece of the sun’s ray and put in gently in the shepherd boy’s hand.

“Open your eyes,” he said, “To find what is lost, you first have to look for it.”

The boy stared at the piece of sunshine and ran to the top of the rise. Looking down he saw his sheep peacefully grazing in the meadow.

“Thank you so much,” he said, “What can I do to repay you?”

Isabelle wiped his eyes and said gently, “All you have to do is make sure that next time you meet someone who needs a second chance that you pass on the sun to them.”

Further down the road they came across a man sitting slumped on a fence staring into an empty bottle.

“What are you looking for?” asked Isabelle.

He replied, “I lost my spirit somewhere in the bottom of a bottle and drink every one empty hoping to find it again.”

Isabelle gently took the bottle from his hands and said, “Let me see.”

She slipped in a piece of the sun’s ray and the bottle glowed with light.

“I can see it,” she said, “Take a look.”

He looked in the bottle and the light of the sun’s new dawn burst across his face.

Copyright Connie Tom

Copyright Connie Tom

In an instant he was transformed and filled with new life. Jumping up he hugged the two children tight.

“What can I do to thank you for this new start?” he asked.

“Share the sun with anyone who needs it,” they said.

It took them a long time to get back to the rainbow and now they only had a tiny piece of the sun’s ray left.

They stood before the rainbow hand-in-hand and offered it up.

The rainbow took the light into its brilliant orange arc and tiny rays of sun burst from the hearts of everyone they had shared it’s light with on their journey filling up the rainbow with light.

The rainbow glowed with its new colour and the sun shone down on the kingdom with the joy of a new beginning.

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