The Rainbow Who Lost Her Colours: Part 1


Once upon a time, a long long time ago, my favourite storybook was called “How the rainbow lost her colours”.

My mother remembers the book with considerably less fondness because she had to read it two or three times a day for years and years.

I can’t remember how the story went, only that I loved it.

Each night my daughter insists on my reading a story from my head.

So, I chose to base it on my old rainbow book  and largely make it up as I go along.

It takes us a full week to get to all the colours and Miss Diva has very definite ideas on where the colours should be found and why.

I thought it was perhaps time I wrote it down. Only that turned out harder than I thought. Saying it out loud is much easier. Writing it down makes me edit and think and ponder and worry. As a result I didn’t log into my blog once over the weekend.

Now it is Monday and I have nothing to lose, so here is the start of the story and hopefully if the start of the school term doesn’t drive me to an early grave I will add a chapter every day until the blessed thing is done.

If I can bribe the designer sitting across from me, he may concede to illustrate it for me.

Copyright: Stanley Chow

Copyright: Stanley Chow

The Rainbow 

Not so far away, in a world just a hop, skip and a jump away lies the Land of the Rainbow.

The beautiful rainbow stretched from one side of the world to the other and under her gaze the land flourished.

Sadly as time passed people forgot to look up into the sky. They took for granted the rainbow would always shine down upon them. Without their faith the rainbow’s colours began to fade until one day they were no more.

Without the colours of the rainbow all hope, love and happiness began to fade from the kingdom.

The king of the land called his bravest knights and sent them forth to seek the rainbow’s colours, but they returned heavy of heart and empty-handed.

The king called all the artists and painters of the land and bade them paint all night and all day until the rainbow’s colours were restored. As fast as they painted, the colours ran off like water.

The king called all the magic makers together and ordered them to restore the rainbow. But all their spells did nothing.

The king called the wise men, the teachers and the learned and locked them in his library to find an answer, but they found none.

The king managed to call on nearly everyone in the kingdom, but he forgot the most important people of all.

He forgot that rainbows live in the hearts of children and only they could save the rainbow.

Isabelle and Alastair lived on the edge of a small village.

Hand in hand they looked up at the rainbow and promised to do whatever they could to bring her back to life.

It never occurred to them that they couldn’t.

And that is why they could.

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