YAY! I got an award and now I get to give one.

dancing-flapperIf you close your eyes you can picture a slightly mad woman doing her happy dance while a Siamese cat looks on in despair at this spectacle of insanity.

There is something I find terribly humbling each time someone leaves me a comment, replies to one of mine or clicks LIKE at the bottom of a page. It makes me feel honoured that someone else took the time to read the words I wrote and that it made them laugh, smile, shed a tear or just sparked a thought.

wonderful-readership-award2It is a very powerful thing to be recognised by a blogger I find not only incredibly inspirational, but funny and thought-provoking too.

Shaun from Praying for One Day offered me the Wonderful Team Membership Readership Award, which of course I graciously accepted.

So here are the rules:

1. Display the logo on your page. (Will do as I soon as I figure it out.)

2. Finish the sentence: A great reader is… (Will do)

3. Nominate 14 readers I appreciate. (Only 14?)

4. Inform the readers with either comments or pingbacks. (Brace yourselves)

Here I go…

A great reader is… someone who takes the time out of their busy life to catch a glimpse into someone elses, it is the person on the other side of the world, who leaves me a like or a comment that starts a conversation, makes a link and reaches out.

My 14 nominations are…

I wanted to nominate back the blogger who nominated me, but I thought that might defeat the object.

1. Le Clown. Sheer blogging brilliance from a crazy Canadian clown. http://clownonfire.wordpress.com/

2. The Ironic Mom. A mother after my own heart. http://ironicmom.com/

3. The Opinionated Man. A man who makes me laugh out loud (and sometime scream quietly) http://aopinionatedman.com/

4. 2Summers. An American in South Africa who has made me see my country with new eyes. http://2summers.net/

5. Jenn. Who never fails to leave a comment or to reply to whatever inanity I leave with her. Also we share a sense of humor. http://thatsajennstory.wordpress.com/

6. Gareeth. Who has inspired and taught me about his world. http://gareeth.wordpress.com/

7. Transman. Who approaches every challenge in life with humor and irreverant wisdom. http://theadventuresoftransman.com/

8. Tersia. Who has shared her daughter’s story and her personal journey from this life to the next one, and the middle of her grief found the time to leave me a message. http://tersiaburger.com/

9. Craves Adventure. Who keeps coming back. http://cravesadventure.wordpress.com/

10. Library Mom. Who finds magic in between the pages. http://librarymom12.wordpress.com/

11. Quite Contrary. Whose comments made my day. http://elegsabiff.wordpress.com/

12. Sopphey Says. Who reminded me to run up the down escalator whenever the mood strikes. http://sopphey.onimpression.com/

13. Blowing off Steam. Who reminds me that parents don’t have to be perfect all the time. http://blowingoffsteamandmore.wordpress.com/

14. The Daily Echo. Who shared her son’s incredible strength and courage with the world and made time to visit my blog. http://scvincent.com/

Now, I have to message all these people and let them know.

So much for getting that work done, this is way more fun.

27 thoughts on “YAY! I got an award and now I get to give one.

  1. I’m a little slow and I STILL haven’t officially accepted this yet (nor have you sent me your address so I can mail you your book, silly), but I was so chuffed to be nominated! Thanks, Victoria!

    • My mother did the same! I know when I’m in trouble when I hear my full name. A few years ago I started work in a company where there was already a Vicky, so I became a Victoria.

  2. I’m so inspired and amazed by this blog award. Thank you so much for it, Victoria. I’m glad to have seen your blog through the A to Z challenge and look forward to more of your posts.

  3. Aw, what are you like? I am blushing like a klein meisie here and not only because I don’t HAVE 14 people to nominate (big day for me when I get 3 comments) but I shall pass on to those who take the trouble to read and comment because yes, we DO value them! Thank you, skattie! .

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