Road trip to Nowhere


I have a dream…

Nothing as profound as Martin Luther King.

I want to take a road trip through America in an old Volkswagen Camper Van.

I want to visit…

Camel Hump, Wyoming

no nameEmbarress, Wisconsin

Looneyville, West Virginia

Cuckoo, Virginia

Satans Kingdom, Utah

Ding Dong, Texas

Nameless, Tennessee

Epiphany, South Dakota

Coward, South Carolina

Big Beaver, Pennsylvania

Idiotville, Oregon

hell_froze_signCookietown, Oklahoma

Knockemstiff, Ohop

Zap, North Dakota

Whynot, North Carolina

Surprise, New York

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Good Intent, New Jersey

Hell Hollow, Nevada

truthWorms, Beaver Crossing

Two-dot, Montana

Tightwad, Missouri

Hot Coffee, Mississippi

Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

Podunk, Michigin

Sandwich, Massachusetts

Boring, Maryland

Beans Corner Bingo, Maine

Belcher, Louisiana

Possum Trot, Kentucky

Buttermilk, Kansas

Manly, Iowa

Gnaw Bone, Indiana

Oblong, Illinois

Idaho Beer Bottle Crossing, Georgia

Two Egg, Florida

Cocked Hat, Connecticut

Parachute, Colorado

Yreka ZZyzx, California

Blad Knob, Arkansas

Two Guns, Arizona

Eek, Alaska

Intercourse, Alabama

Of course, South Africa is not without our own share of odd towns.

We have Pofadder and Hotazel. Tietiesbaai, which means literally Boobies Bay. And then, Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein, which roughly means ‘Two buffalo shot dead in one shot spring’.

And I also want to visit all the World’s Biggest sites I can find. I’ve seen the World’s Biggest Frying Pan, but the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine calls out for me.

In fact, I once ended up offering it as a prize for some chocolate bar promotion or something. It did quite well as I remember…

Find more on: Weird U.S. Town Names.

6 thoughts on “Road trip to Nowhere

  1. I have been to Sleepy Eye – cute little town – seen a copycat version of the Ball of Twine. I like the name of the one town – Two buffalo . . . It is interesting to do an internet search as to why some of these towns have these unique names and sometimes it is not what you were thinking at all!

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