My silent scream

I am so mad right now I am physically shaking and fighting the urge to just be sick.

Or grab an axe.

I can’t even share what has me so pissed off in the first place and that just makes me madder.

I can’t go outside and let off a scream because the neighbours will panic and call the police.

So instead I am screaming here in bloggosphere.

Block your ears…


I still don’t feel better

I feel like an idiot

I feel lied to

I feel a piece of trash kicked to the curb

I feel sick and dirty and small

I feel like I am caught between a rock and hard place

Knowing that in the end I am the one who end up apologising for overreacting

Knowing that that isn’t true

But I’ll say it to keep the peace


Knowing that nothing is ever going to change

So I may as well just suck it up

And stick a smile on my face

That will never reach my eyes

When what I really want to do

Is crawl into a deep dark warm cave

And just stay there





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