Walkhaven – 1st in show

Walkhaven 5Lesson learnt last weekend.

People really do look like their dogs.

Even normal everyday people, not just the strange and bizarre Crufts types.

There should be an app. There probably is, but I couldn’t find it. An app where you can upload a picture of yourself and have it mapped to a dog breed.

Think of the time and agony it would save for people trying to buy a new puppy.

I am liar, I did find one http://www.pedigreeadoptiondrive.com.au/iphonefeedback.aspx.

“This phone and Facebook application is based on the insight that dogs look like their owners and matches you to a dog available for adoption. You simply take a photo of yourself and the software begins scanning every part of your face – from your eyes, hair, nose, mouth and facial features. It then analyses and compares your features against every single available dog, until your Dog-A-Like is found.”

We met my Mum for lunch yesterday at the Walkhaven Dog Park north of Johannesburg. South Africa is not big on dog parks so Walkhaven is a bit on an anomaly.

People are quite superfluous here. Like parents at a kid’s birthday party. We’re really just transportation.

A necessary evil and completely ignored by all canines upon arrival except when it comes to ball throwing.

My mother is owned by a Golden Retriever named Angus. He is incorrigible, gorgeous, incurably optimistic, has a weakness for chocolate cake and small children. He’s a lot like my mum.

Walkhaven 2Next door to us was an enormous Great Dane. Who sat on the bench next to his people throughout lunch.

Although they weren’t six foot tall, they matched perfectly – completely laid back and slightly larger than life.

The very overweight bulldog and bull mastiff were accompanied by a brick shit house of a man in teeny tiny shorts. They all minced across the grassland in a row.

Walkhaven Dog Park is in Muldersdrift near the  Cradle of Humankind and near my favourite picnic place, The Moon and Sixpence on 22 hectares of rolling grassland.

There are two dams (doggie swimming pools no people allowed) surrounded by lush wetland you can have a braai, bring a picnic or have a bite at the people restaurant. You can even buy some fabulous dog stuff at the Dog Box. My mother took Angus in and let him pick out his own ball (pink) from a bucket. Think of a Toys R Us for canines.

They have Doggie Halloween and Doggie New Year. It’s all very dog oriented. If you are not a dog person do not go here. If you are it is dog Mecca and you and your dog will love it.

Entrance to Walkhaven Dog Park is R30 per adult and R15 for kids and

Visit Walkhaven at http://www.walkhaven.co.za/

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I write because I have to. It is a compulsion. I do it to vent, to laugh and to remember. I blog because it has been so long since I had to write with a pen that my hand would go into cramp if I tried to write a journal.

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