Black Mamba is MIA

The Black Mamba is not a code for a military operation to rid our government of the snakes of tyranny and corruption. It is, however, a nationwide alert situation.

The Pretoria Zoo seems to have mislaid its black mamba, only one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. And it is GONE! MIA. AWOL.

Craig Allenby, the zoo’s marketing manager, said staff realised last week (they only told the public on Tuesday) that the snake’s terrarium was empty.

“The area was immediately cordoned off, and stayed cordoned off for two days while we hunted, but in vain. We suspect the snake could have slithered into the roof, but we can’t get in there because of the angle and the narrow gap.”

There was no need for hysteria, he said, as the black mamba was in all likelihood preparing for hibernation, and was in a constricted area, with little chance of it reaching any member of the public.

“Should something go wrong, the Eugene Marais hospital is just a call away, and ambulances will be sent out immediately.”

Prof Graham Alexander, a snake expert from Wits, said black mambas were dangerous, although not aggressive. “If it feels threatened, there’s a good chance that it will attack. Their poison is neurotoxic, and a bite can lead to a heart attack within 30 minutes.”

I’m not worried. I had a baboon in my garden a few months ago.

Not at all concerned, after all it’s not called the 15 minute Snake for nothing, nor is it bite termed the Kiss of Death for peanuts.

Apparently they are now going to use infrared cameras to find the slithery snake.

During which the zoo is open for business, bring your kids along, hell bring your mother-in-law.  Make a day out of it.

Read more about it…





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