The Sun will fall from the Sky and other news

Sometimes, the news in South Africa is too good not to share. And by good I mean bizarre. Bear in mind that this was front page news on our biggest daily paper reaching 5.7 million readers, not in the strange and weird column.

The River King’s terrifying threat . . .
From left: Nkele Mabena, Nomusa Sibiya and Zamacele Mvuyana at the mountain where they saw the King of the River. Photo by Happy Mnguni

THE three women saw a young boy in blue underwear swimming in the river.
As they approached, the boy changed into an old man.

He greeted them and introduced himself as the River King, with a
message from the ancestors.
The three women, Nomusa Sibiya, Nkele Mabena and Zamacele Mvuyana, went to the mountain in Snake Park near Dobsonville, Soweto, to pray in February.
Nomusa said: “As we approached the river, we saw a boy swimming.
“But as we got closer the boy changed into an old man with a scary face and eyes like lightning.”
“He was wearing blue trousers, a blue T-shirt and a black shirt. He had a blue cap in one hand. He said it was lucky that we had come to the river because he wanted us to warn people to respect the river and to stop dirtying it because the ancestors could no longer drink the dirty water.
“He told us he would kill those who refused to listen to him and would make the sun fall from the sky.”
“He said the ancestors were not happy because people vomited in the river and some slaughtered chickens andgoats and left them there.”
She said the man thanked them for listening and sank into the water.
Voice told them they would be rich
Eresina Mosiea with the brick.Photo by Happy Mnguni

SHE went to a sangoma to change her luck.
And she ended up paying R250 000 for a brick.
In May last year, Eresina Mosiea (45) from Langaville in Tsakane, Ekurhuleni, and her boyfriend Mandla Radebe consulted Dr Mamasue, who lives in Sandton, north Joburg.
She was amazed at what she heard.
She said: “A man’s voice talked to us and asked our names and Dr Mamasue told us the voice belonged to my ancestors.

“The voice told us to buy two litres of inkomazi to take home and put in our bedroom and then withdraw all the money we had in the bank and bring it to Mamasue after a week.
“The voice said we would get rich.”
She withdrew R21 000 and Mandla R1 500 and they went back to Mamasue.
The voice asked them to raise R250 000. They took loans from different banks to raise the amount.
They then gave the money to Mamasue, who gave them a plastic parcel which he said contained muthi to make money grow.
“Last Thursday I decided to open the plastic and got the shock of my life. All I found inside was an ordinary brick,” she said.
Mamasue said the couple should come back.

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