The Dream Monsters



There are things that live in the shadows, under beds and in cupboards.

Ask a child. They know.

If you’re a grown-up you now know that the scariest monsters walk on two legs and look just like anyone else, maybe that’s why the shadow lurkers don’t scare you anymore.

But the under the bed live a world of other creatures. Good and bad. They slip through the veil between worlds in through shadows and cracks in the floorboards. They listen to bedtime stories and ride the dreams of sleeping children.

The Dream Monsters exist to protect chosen children from galloping Night Mares and the dreaded Things That Go Bump.

They have hearts of rose quartz for universal love restoring trust and harmony promoting friendship and protecting against negativity.

Each one is stuffed full of lavender and chamomile for good dreams.

We just made them for fun. Image



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