To Santa, love A Mom


Dear Santa

RE: Christmas List from a mother

I have done my best to be nice all year long, I am sure you know that for a mother that can be pretty hard sometimes. On balance, I think I did a fairly good job.

Here is my wish list.

  1.  A long, solitary  bubble bath with a glass of wine and a book
  2. Eight hours uninterrupted sleep
  3. One day to be the world’s best mommy and not The Worst Mummy Ever!
  4. One day when no-one cries, whines, shouts or fights
  5. One day when all the dirty dishes, cups and glasses magically grow legs and walk over to the dishwasher
  6. One day with no Phineas and Ferb, Disney Channel or Cartoon Network

If I can’t have any of those, I’ll settle for 15 minutes of complete peace and quiet.

Thank you Santa

With love

A Mom



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