Can you say “Not in my KPIs!”

Bright and early yesterday morning an enterprising young man sauntered into OR Tambo International Airport slugging back a liter bottle of Gaviscon.

Truly, I don’t know about the Gaviscon, but if I’d just swallowed 220 odd diamonds, I’d think some heartburn medication would be the order of the day.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but I doubt the future owners would have known where those shiny little baubles had been. It is one step worse than blood diamonds if you ask me.

Airport security in this case was pretty on the ball and nabbed him as he walked through an x-ray checkpoint.

At this point they thought they were pretty clever, maybe even in for a reward.

And they were, just not the reward they were hoping for.

The smuggler was promptly force fed a box of Ex-Lax to flush the diamonds from his system.

The article didn’t go into detail here, but my imagination hit overtime.

Someone had to sit there with a sieve patiently waiting for our Lebanese traveller to expel $2 million worth of ice out his backside.

Then that same someone had to wash and count the ill gotten gains.

Can I just say that although there are days I barely manage to drag myself to work, this gave me much needed perspective on job satisfaction.

PS: The loo in the picture is encrusted with $5 million worth of diamonds.


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