Live large. Laugh loudly. Play games.

In a world where we value diversity, where we respect those who dream impossible dreams, why does it only apply to adults? It’s time we celebrated our children for being exactly who they are.  Different. Brilliant. Beautiful.

Never allow your children’s dreams to die. Encourage them to find their own answers. If your little boy wants to be a fireman, take him over to a station and let him meet some real life superheroes. He can be whoever he wants as long as you believe he can.


When we cook, there is chocolate on the walls and hundreds and thousands on the floor. My home is no House and Garden showpiece. Cricket bats, basketballs, tennis rackets and guitars lie in casual piles in corners. Barbie doll fashion shows, Lego monuments and gigantic pillow forts are the artistic interpretations that decorate my home.


Bring a kid shouldn’t be complicated. It shouldn’t be about Facebook and Twitter. being a kid is about getting dirty, having fun and finding the magic in everyday things. Being a mom, isn’t that complicated either. Love you children no matter what. Respect their choices even if they weren’t the ones you wanted them to make. Be there when they need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. Teach them good manners. Be the best role model they could have.

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