Rules of the road

It was my son’s 8th birthday.

A source of panic on two fronts.

The first being the self awareness that I have accomplished less in the last eight years then he has.

The second being the birthday party.

Over the last ten years I have become a fervent supporter of the party venue. I don’t have to clean my house, set up a party or better yet clean up afterwards.

I had grand plans on Friday afternoon of baking up a storm, making little traffic light cupcakes and Rice Krispie treats. When I finally left work I had such a migraine I ended up going to the supermarket and buying everything instead.

As I ended up weeping in the foetal position of my bathroom for most of the night praying to any God who would listen to deliver me from this evil, it turned out to be a wise decision.

When the day of the party dawned cold and raining I gave thanks for the indoor party venue we finally chose.

Kidz Trafficland is hidden away in the Balfour Park Shopping Center in Highlands North.

Manned by traffic officers the kids learn the rules on the road while zooming around a little town on battery operated motorcycles and four wheelers. I say zoom, but zoom is relative in this case.

Each child gets a driver’s licence designed exactly like our grown up ones with their photo on. As they make mistakes they get points deducted from their licence. It’s a fun way to spend a rainy morning or a birthday party where for two happy hours your children are occupied with traffic lights, speed traps and stop streets.

The team there was not only very patient with the kids, but arranged a party spot for us, with popcorn, juice and chips for the kids, and tea and coffee for the more mature.

The results of my migraine induced shopping spree provided the rest of the succour.

For R1 500 for 10 kids, it was a brilliant deal – cost effective and stress free. I highly recommend it!

You don’t have to use their venue either; they can come to your home or school and set up there. It’s a long way from the unwieldy great tricycles at the traffic education centre my school would take us to back in the early 1980s.

You can find Kidz Trafficland at or follow them on Facebook at


2 thoughts on “Rules of the road

  1. Wow! Those are such overwhelmingly kind words about our business. We highly appreciate it and we hope your son had a fantastic time with his friends and family. We really enjoy watching the young ones developing their confidence and driving skills at the same time. Please call again.

    Traffic Officer Pana

  2. i think of the multitude of brain function taking place within my 3 year old’s head on a day to day basis. When he asks, “What’s this?” because he has never experienced it before or when he tries a new food or when he can hop on one foot and yells for me to watch him do this time and time again. But we are so very blessed to be along for the ride and get to experience these years with them….we just have to remind ourselves that it is all good – migraine or not (btw- sorry you had one). I have never been a fan of bday parties and know that they will soon be in our lives once again.

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