Schrodinger’s cat is laughing at me

There are pockets in space and time.

Pockets where things can get lost and lint gathers.

Like a universal bellybutton.

I do believe in these alternate realities, these glitches in the continuum. I don’t just have faith. I know.

I know because I take two socks off and put them in the laundry bin. I take the laundry bin to the washing machine and empty it in. I take the wet and clean laundry to the line and lo and behold only one sock remains.

I know because my mother once lost a litre of milk in her handbag for a month.

I know because I lost my office access card.

If you have ever had an office access card you will know what this means. It severely tries office relationships and the powers that be get very very tense about it. I searched my bag. I turned it over and shook it down. No card.

That was yesterday. Today I charmed my way in the parking lot again, opened my bag to pop in my keys and…

There it was.

Innocently sitting there without a care in the world, like it had been there all the time.

It was gloating.

I swear I could almost hear Schrodinger’s cats purring.


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