Butterflies and Tornados Part 2

It is all very well saying that you can’t save everyone, that the world’s injustices are too big, so why bother?

The thing is that these days you can help just by clicking a button or following a link.

Making a difference to one person can make a difference to hundreds.

You have more power than you think.

I sat down and worked out how many people are directly dependent on me and my (less than awe-inspiring) salary. My three children, my helper, her son and daughter, her mother, her sister, my gardener, his brother, his two children.

That’s eleven people who rely directly on me. Eleven people whose lives I affect every month. Add to that the people who rely on them and you get an ever-widening circle of influence.

So, Hannes who is climbing up Kilimanjaro is trying to raise R10 000 for the children of the Kula Foundation.

Children who need not only the basics to survive, a roof over their heads, a meal in their tummies and an education, but something as basic as love.

One of the kids he helps could be our President, could find a cure for HIV/Aids, could be the man or woman who saves your life one day.

Hannes needs only R550 to reach his sponsorship goal. That’s only about 50 US dollars.

Instead of going down to Starbucks and ordering a double tall skinny macchiato, why not give it to a child who just might give you a better return on investment than you could have imagined.

The odds are better than playing the lottery.

You can’t change the world. But you can change the world of one child.

Donate a dollar now: http://www.doit4charity.org.za/fundraising/Hannes.Esterhuyse

You can find the Kula Foundation online here: http://www.kulafoundation.co.za/

Or follow them on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/KulaFoundation

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