Forget the cheese, somebody moved my mouse!

Sometimes I wonder if I am an unwitting member of the cast of a daytime reality soap opera.

Isn’t that lovely and melodramatic?

Very Kim Kardashian only without the paycheck.

I have to believe in a higher power directing my life as sometimes it is just too bizarre to imagine happening without some script involvement.

Honestly, it baffles me.

I went back to work today.

Real work. The one that pays the bills.

It was surreal.

It has been three weeks…

…And we’re still working on the same job we were when I went on leave

…And we’re moving out of our trendy offices to some mildewed townhouse in outer suburbia

…And the old Account Manager walked out and a new one walked in

…And the General Manager was dismissed with immediate effect, but is still there as the paperwork hasn’t come through yet

…And my Creative Director started to write copy

…And when They threatened not to pay my salary (because I was on leave) all my colleagues downed tools and said they wouldn’t be paid either then

…And Someone stole my mouse (that really threw me)


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