Hit with the Brick again!


Samantha Brick defends her Daily Mail article against Twitter storm on This Morning | Mail Online.

Is there no end to this monstrous woman? Click on the link above to read today’s fiasco.

Sweetheart, you grabbed a shovel, traded it in for an industrial digger and now halfway to Australia.

Try some reputation management, shut up and hire Max Clifford.

Here’s an excerpt:

Do I think I’m good looking? Yes I do. Is that a crime? ‘I’m so beautiful’ Samantha Brick defends herself against vitriolic internet storm on This Morning


Talking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford – who trailed Samantha’s appearance heavily throughout the morning’s show, telling readers they would ‘soon see her in the flesh’ – Samantha was grilled on her view that she was too beautiful to be liked – and that women do not like attractive women. 

Eamonn demanded 41-year-old writer Samantha admit that she was ‘very good looking’, forcing her to concur.

‘You believe you are very good looking?’ he asked.

‘It’s not that I believe it – I believe the perception of it, and the perception of how men approach women,’ she replied. 

‘Do I think I’m good looking? Yes I do. Is that a crime?’ she finally replied.

Samantha remained resolute, refusing to concede that women’s instant dislike of her could be linked in any way to her character, or her personality. 

‘This whole experience has proven my thesis,’ she said. ‘Women do not like attractive women.

‘People mistake self-confidence for arrogance, says Samantha. ‘But it’s a fact that women can’t stand beautiful women.’

‘It’s not arrogance, it’s confidence,’ Samantha reiterated, adding that Gwyneth Paltrow suffers the same plight.

‘I’ve had many emails from models who say they’ve had to develop bullet-proof skin,’ she says. ‘They thanked me for writing the story.’Asked what reaction she is expecting following her appearance on the show, Samantha is sanguine.

‘I’m lucky that I live in France, in a rural village. The average age is 72. I’ll be fine,’ she says.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2125464/Samantha-Brick-defends-Daily-Mail-article-Twitter-storm-This-Morning.html#ixzz1rAnVQNId

4 thoughts on “Hit with the Brick again!

  1. I think overall this is a very sad story. I don’t think Samantha Brick comes off intelligent whenever she speaks, and my wife says her articles are often mean spirited, and rather conservative. But attacking her for her looks, pretty or not, is ridiculous…
    Sometimes, I’m happy I hide behind clown make-up…
    Le Clown

  2. I am all for differing views and theories. And I tend to stay pretty open minded about where others are coming from in their perception of the world. BUT this lady is off her rocker.

    I have 3 best friends that are the most beautiful women I have ever met. Somehow I have found it in my black hole of a lady heart to deal with it. It’s a pathetic view of the world. It’s shallow, heartless and beyond egotistical.

    Samantha’s right. I will probably never like her. I certainly won’t be calling her up for a coffee date. But it has NOTHING to do with her looks. It has to do with that disgusting spewing personality she carries around.

  3. wow… she is a nice piece of work! Personally I love a self confident woman who shows off her muffin top the way this one does. But the attitude that goes with it is definitely the culprit in her being hated by her “sisterhood”. In my personal experience, the most support I ever received in life and work has been from other women. I have (luckily) received much attention from men but when it came down to serious situations, women have always been there for me strong and present.

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