Poor me, I’m so pretty

Samantha Brick is so pretty everybody hates her.


In fact she thinks she is so pretty she needed to write a whole article about it in the Daily Mail.

In a world where women and increasingly men are suffering from body dysmorphia and self loathing for their muffin tops buying ship loads of support panties, I suppose it should come as a relief to find a woman who is not at all affected by it.

For some reason it doesn’t.

She came across a vain, narcissistic twerp instead of a strong, confident woman.

Today she posed with her hubby holding a giant shotgun in a bizarre tacit threat.

I have no judgement to place on her attractiveness, confidence is always attractive, but her total egotism is decidedly not.

She spent yesterday in tears at the backlash of commentary her article provoked. I find this somewhat amusing.

Instead of coming out strongly, she paints a picture of herself as a weak and ineffectual Victorian victim, singlehandedly destroying all the work of suffragettes throughout history.

Not that I am currently pro-suffragette.

Some days I loathe the silly bint who threw herself in front of a horse so I could run a household, raise a family and work at the same time.

Samantha is the type of woman who makes other women cringe as she blinks back crocodile tears to get her own way. I wonder if she can change the tyre on her car?

She could have written the article a little more objectively on how attractive women are targeted in the workplace instead she painted an extremely unflattering picture of herself and any passably attractive woman in the process.

I loathe celebrity interviews about how bullied they were at school for being pretty.

My countrywomen are some of the worst offenders – Charlize Theron and Candice Swanepoel.


I kept getting an image of Pauly Shore in Biodome parodying supermodels – Pauly Shore Biodome Trailer.

“I’m so pretty. Nobody likes me. People didn’t like me high school.”

Have a glass of purple sticky punch and take your poor me attitude out to lunch.



5 thoughts on “Poor me, I’m so pretty

  1. I read this article, and a few of her others. She is a controversial person to begin with and I found her article…very misguided.
    Her point was lost behind her insensitivity. Do I think that beauty is a mixed blessing? Yes, absolutely. Do I think she deserves to be torn apart for her article? Well maybe, but the fact that most of the derision focuses on…yes…her looks, is petty, and in fact, kind of proves her point. Women are constantly judged for their looks, and usually before any other criteria. If they’re pretty, we find their flaws, if their unattractive, we make it known we think so. If the point was made by an “unattractive” person, they would have been criticized for not really knowing what they’re talking about and for being ugly. If it was written by somebody else, someone very attractive, she still would’ve been torn apart for her looks.
    There’s a point in her article…somewhere. It’s just unfortunate that she had to write it.

  2. Wow, agree with you totally. A-she’s not even that pretty. B-her husband looks like some sort of crazed terrorist. And what a stupid bint now this morning (thank you to Millicent for posting the link) thinking it proves her right when she’s missing the point entirely. Sigh. Some women just need to be slapped.

  3. Great blog. I see she’s at it again this morning, defending herself. Apparently all the negative comments she received yesterday on the internet just prove her right (!)


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