Damn those sweet little kittens

I admit it. Underneath my prickly exterior I am a marshmallow. Or an Eskimo pie.

You see today I had to go the licensing department to renew my driver’s licence.

Each time I go I make a sort of karmic promise that if, by some miracle, I achieve what I came for I’ll pop into the SPCA next door and donate fifty bucks.

Wonder of wonders I did get what I came for and in record time.

I also took insane pleasure in being uncharacteristically nice to the sullen inhabitants of the bureau of motor vehicles.

I smiled.

I asked about their plans for the long weekend and I completely took them off guard.

It was most satisfying. Almost as much as making an outbound call centre insurance agent weep.

So, I duly drove into the SPCA to fulfill my deal with God. I had planned to just pop in hand over the cash and leave, but as luck would have it a gentleman was asking about kittens.


What woman could resist?

Of course I went down to the kitten run.

So would you.

Unless you are allergic, in which case you would run very fast in the opposite direction.

I am a sucker for that look.

The look that Puss in Boots uses against Shrek?

Yeah, that’s the one.

They climbed up my legs (very painful) and purred like little Corvette Stingrays (very comforting).

I resisted (with great difficulty) the desire to take them all home with me, but was almost swayed by the tale of Shower, the little ginger tom.

Shower was found by one of the staff hiding in a communal shower in the location. She obviously adores the little chap and has made it her personal mission to find him a home.

The SPCA has introduced a new homing policy that happily circumvents the impulse adoption. You have to wait a week for your home to be vetted (ha ha) and your pet sterilised before you introduce him or her to the family.

Over the years I have adopted quite a few dogs and cats from the SPCA.

There was Geoffrey the psychotic German Pointer and most recently my Bonny Prince Charlie – a beagle cross bloodhound with questionable IQ.

The volunteers at the SPCA do a remarkable job with little financial support. The animals homed there are well looked after, socialised and have the best medical care.

Sadly, they do have to put many of their charges down. This isn’t an action they take lightly. It breaks their hearts each and every time.

The Alexandra Project

The lack of financial support meant they have had to cut back on much of the community work they do in Alexandra Township providing vet care and sterilisation services.

Happily they now have a new mobile clinic, but it is much like throwing starfish back in the sea.

They desperately need all the help they can get, even if it is as simple as cuddling a kitten for a few minutes or throwing a ball to an odd-looking puppy I think may be a Bouvier slash dachshund.

Sandton SPCA Kitten for AdoptionNow I have lost my heart to a little 7 week old kitten I have name Chevy for her purr.

All I have to do is convince my husband (the kids are a done deal) that our two pampered and overly superior house cats need a partner with some street smarts.

Preferably one that doesn’t treat my dogs as beneath her contempt.

You can follow the Sandton SPCA on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/SandtonSPCA

Or visit their website here: http://www.sandtonspca.org.za/news.php

Or donate something towards they amazing work they do for South Africa’s animals here: http://www.sandtonspca.org.za/donate.php

Account Holder: Sandton SPCA
Bank: First National Bank (RSA)
Branch: Wierda Valley
Branch Code: 260950
Account Number: 62256139629
Reference: Website donation: Name and email/tel


4 thoughts on “Damn those sweet little kittens

  1. Touching. And sad, really.
    We foster cats ourselves, and we tend to choose cats that are older, as they usually are the first ones to be put to sleep in shelters…You’d think it was more work, litter wise. But not really when you have a kid like Lord Evil Poppy who eats the extra poo.
    Le Clown

  2. My other half does not allow me in the animal shelter because he knows I would bring more than one home for sure!!! I have to resort to posts like this to get a cat fix or find funny cat videos online – ha!

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