Write a letter and WIN – Inspiring Generations


Write a letter and WIN – Inspiring Generations.

I grew up with my father telling me the story of Captain Scott and his bravery. His family is now running a competition to find the 100 most inspirational letters. The winners will have their letters mailed from the Pole.

Write a letter inspiring future generations to explore the natural world.

Get involved in inspiring future generations to explore the natural world by writing a letter, just as my grandfather did.  The letter can be to your mother.  Your son.  A politician.  Someone famous.  That’s up to you.  It’s a competition and the 100 most inspired letters will be chosen on 30th September.

I will send the 100 selected entries as real letters to your chosen recipient – posted directly from Antarctica.  The judges are all passionate about the natural world and have spent their lives motivating you – the explorers of the future. The best letter wins a luxury family holiday at Sani Resort in Greece.

Falcon Scott, Captain Scott’s grandson

This is an excerpt from Scott’s last letter to his wife:

To my Widow,

Dearest darling – We are in a very tight corner and I have doubts of pulling through – In one short lunch hour I take advantage of a very small measure of warmth to write letters preparatory to a possible end – The first is naturally to you on whom my thoughts mostly dwell waking or sleeping – If anything happens to me I shall like you to know how much you have meant to me and what pleasant recollections are with me as I depart – I should like you to take what comfort you can from these facts also – I shall not have suffered any pain but leave the world fresh from harness & full of good health & vigour – this is decided already when provisions come to an end we simply stop unless we are within easy distance of another depot.

Therefore you must not imagine a great tragedy – we are very anxious of course & have been for weeks but our splendid physical condition and our appetites compensate for all discomfort.  The cold is trying & sometimes angering but here again with the hot food which drives it forth is so wonderfully enjoyable that one would scarcely be without it. 

We have gone down hill a good deal since I wrote the above.

Poor Titus Oates has gone – he was in a bad state. The rest of us keep going and imagine we have a chance to get through but the cold weather doesn’t let up at all. We are now only 20 miles from a depot but we have very little food & fuel.

Well dear heart I want you to take the whole thing very sensibly as I’m sure you will. The boy will be your comfort. I had looked forward to helping you to bring him up but it is a satisfaction to feel that he is safe with you. I think both he and you ought to be specially looked after by the country for which after all we have given our lives with something of spirit which makes for example – I am writing letters on this point in the end of this book after this. Will you send them to their various destinations? I must write a little letter for the boy if time can be found to be read when he grows up the inherited vice from my side of the family is indolence – above all he must guard & you must guard him against that. Make him a strenuous man. I had to force myself into being strenuous, as you know – had always an inclination to be idle, my father was idle and it brought much trouble.

Dearest that you know I cherish no sentimental rubbish about re marriage – when the right man comes to help you in life you ought to be your happy self again – I wasn’t a very good husband but I hope I shall be a good memory certainly the end is nothing for you to be ashamed of and I like to think that the boy will have a good start in parentage of which he may be proud. 

Dear it is not easy to write because of the cold – 70 degrees
below zero and nothing but the shelter of our tent – you know I have loved you, you know my thoughts must have constantly dwelt on you and oh dear me you must know that quite the worst aspect of this situation is the thought that I shall not see you again – The inevitable must be faced – you urged me to be leader of this party and I know you felt it would be dangerous – I’ve taken my place throughout, haven’t I? 

God bless you my own darling I shall try and write more later – I go on across the back pages.

Since writing the above we have got to within 11 miles of our depot with one hot meal and two days cold food and we should have got through but have been held for four days by a frightful storm – I think the best chance has gone we have decided not to kill ourselves but to fight it to the last for that depot but in the fighting there is a painless end so don’t worry.


I have written letters on odd pages of this book – will you manage to get them sent? You see I am anxious for you and the boy’s future – make the boy interested in natural history if you can, it is better than games they encourage it at some schools – I know you will keep him out in the open air – try and make him believe in a God, it is comforting.

Oh my dear my dear what dreams I have had of his  future and yet oh my girl I know you will face it stoically – your portrait and the boy’s will be found in my breast and the one in the little red Morocco case given by Lady Baxter – There is a piece of the Union flag I put up at the South Pole in my private kit bag together with Amundsen’s black flag and other trifles – give a small piece of the Union flag to the King and a small piece to Queen Alexandra and keep the rest a poor trophy for you! – What lots and lots I could tell you of this journey. How much better it has been than lounging in too great comfort at home – what tales you would have for the boy but oh what a price to pay – to forfeit the sight of your dear dear face –

Dear you will be good to the old mother. I write her a little line in this book. Also keep in with Ettie and the others– oh but you’ll put on a strong face for the world – only don’t be too proud to accept help for the boys sake – he ought to have a fine career and do something in the world. I haven’t time to write to Sir Clements tell him I thought much of him and never regretted him putting me in command of the Discovery. – Give messages of farewell to Lady Baxter and Lady Sandhurst keep friends with them for both are dear women & to also both the Reginald Smiths


One thought on “Write a letter and WIN – Inspiring Generations

  1. What a great letter.
    One of the reasons I started writing a year or so ago, was that I felt I had something to say and I wanted to make sure it was said. And I wanted to leave that to whomever might be interested.
    I’m a fan of technology. I’m glad to have computers, i-Phones, i-Pods, Tweets and Twits. I love to zap my daughter a quick txt or send e-mails to frriends. I enjoy posting photos on FB and leaving a little note to friends and family. .
    But I’m afraid the art of expressing ourselves in writing (in complete thoughts) is somewhat diminished.
    I’ve read old letters from the US Civil War or families traveling west across the US in the days of the pioneers, and even the unlearned had an eloquent and artful way to express their experience.
    Anyway – I’m going on and on in REPLY. sorry.
    Last point: Let’s embrace the technology, but not give up the art!
    Thanks for sharing the letter!

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