The truth – Kid style

Small boy aged 7: “Mom, you should get thinner. You look like you’re growing a baby.”

Mother: “Grrrr.”

Small boy aged 7:”But not too thin, because then you’d look like a finger biscuit and I’d have to eat you. I would hate to have to eat you.”


10 thoughts on “The truth – Kid style

  1. I could take it from a kid. They don’t know better. Last year I had two women (WOMEN!) come up to me and ask me when the baby was due. I refrained from punching them and hired a personal trainer. I was very happy that she thanked one of the women for helping her get a new client–she was rightfully mortified…

  2. I’m looking forward to reading his epitaph:

    “Small Boy
    Age 8
    Never had time to discover the art of silence”

    Le Clown

    • It was more tactful then his brother at the same age:
      Mother: “Is this skirt pretty?”
      Son: “Hmm, it is pretty… just not on you.”
      The skirt now belongs to someone else.
      You can’t buy that kind of honesty.
      Now I take him shopping with me.

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