The animal in me

I did one those online surveys – the ones you do when you’re avoiding doing real work – The Animal in You.

Apparently I am a lion. GRRR hear me ROAR!

Here are the highlights:

  • An unmistakable presence of nobility.
  • Unruffled calm of a cat and the dignified gait of someone in command
  • No need to walk or talk quickly since they’re never in danger of being ignored or marginalized
  • Underneath all its hissing and scratching, it’s still a pussycat at heart
  • Extravagant lifestyle (if only)
  • No time for subtlety
  • Moods are demonstrated with abandon, from yawning in public to growling at impudent inferiors, and they feel no need to follow social etiquette
  • Not detail oriented, the minutia of the mundane irritates them
  • Lions are aggressive, predictable and dependable
  • You always know where you stand with a lion
Apparently I would make a good CEO or a lion tamer.
I guess being in advertising is a lot like being a lion tamer.
All I need is a good whip.



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