The Lentil Award

Vegetarian evangelicals aside I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the vegetarians who came to my aid. I might have pissed you off, but without you I’d be suffering cold sweats and a panic attack necessitating a run to the doctor and a script for Xanax.

My Lentil Ragu with some customisations (added Taco seasoning and canned lentils) is simmering away and tastes amazing.

Even better you can’t tell that there’s a vegetable in it, so my picky child will be conned into eating it.

Alongside a heap of roti (I live in a Hindu area, burritos are hard to find), the hungry hordes of under 12s can tuck into wraps tomorrow.

After all is said and done, if they end up being ungrateful for my culinary efforts, I take the leftovers home and eat it myself.

Children are the hardest food critics without even an ounce of tact. If I pass this test I shall have earned The Lentil Award.

Total aside: Did you know the US has a whole council devoted to lentils?

As for the gas – small boys under 12 thinking farting is hilarious, so they will have a great afternoon.

The scary teacher who is the Jehovah’s Witness of vegetables and violently opposed to television (even the Discovery Channel), video games and computers (even Readers are Leaders and Mathletics) will be blown away!

And then I had to add this picture, because I found it hilarious.


3 thoughts on “The Lentil Award

  1. It was a hit! Not only was it eaten, but I was asked for the recipe! 25 kids ate my food without complaint and some even came up and thanked me for it. Gobsmacked! Afterthought – no leftovers, so I guess I am going hungry.

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