The I’m Perfect Mother

I often feel somewhat imperfect as a parent. I am guilt-ridden about the things I think I should do better. 20/20 hindsight and all that. I see my faults glaring all too clearly and I see judgement in everyone’s eyes. What a stupendous waste of energy!

Last night as I lay with sleeping children all around me and on me, I had an epiphany, what alcoholics call “a moment of clarity”.

I realised that it doesn’t matter what I think, or what anyone else thinks. My children love me just the way I am.

They love my hippie VW van, my Iron Fist high heels, the way I make hot chocolate and the funny voices when I read them a bedtime story.

As far as they are concerned I am perfect.

It might be time to change my moniker.


4 thoughts on “The I’m Perfect Mother

  1. I am a new mom of a 8 month old son and I totally know what you mean about Mommy Guilt. Because he’s my first child, I am constantly worried about taking care of him the wrong way. But then I have to think about the way his face lights up with a smile when I come in to wake him up in the morning, or how he does love the voices I read books to him in.

  2. I just found you through surfing. we have the 2009 vw van version and had the 2001 euro van for quite some time. i used to sleep in my friends vw camping van when we were younger. I didn’t’ mean this reply to be all about my obsession with vans. Sorry. 🙂

    • VW vans are an obsession. Mine is named Bella, although the kids at the school refer to her as “The Fun Bus”. Everyone waves at me and I always feel happy driving her. Sadly she sits alone in the garage at the moment as she urgently requires a new piston implant. Parts are not easy to come by.

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