Under Attack

Oh dear, I woke up this morning to find a number of hysterical emails from my service provider, three voicemails and two SMSes. All were entitled “WTF is happening to your account?”

I replied that militant vegetarians on WordPress were gunning for me. He said I deserved it for placing his server under extreme stress.

I’d better untick the email me comments box before he joins the throng and hoists me by my own petard.


4 thoughts on “Under Attack

    • Ah, I’m okay with it. They have every right to eat vegetables. If was really upset about it, I’d delete the post and unapprove all the comments. I thought they had every right to have their say along with the people who had a laugh. That’s life innit?

  1. This made me laugh, ’cause I’ve been there. I used to write a health column, and occasionally braved the vegetarian/vegan front. It’s a sure way to be reminded that you’re being read:)

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