The Bunny Boiler and the Facebook Unfriending


Better be careful when you purge your Facebook friends. You could end up with a criminal record! Check out the latest edition of Noseweek, I read the lead article with mounting degrees of anger and hysteria. Some sweetheart has reproduced it on Facebook so you can read the full story there, but I’ll summarise it for you.
Guy dates girl.
Guy dumps girl.
Girl is pissed.
Girl starts sending freaky Facebook messages to guy and all guy’s female friends.
Guy messages girl to ask her to stop or he will unfriend her of Facebook.
Girl gets domestic-violence interdict against guy.
Guy loses job.
Guy loses current girlfriend.
There are a lot other complicated factors including the ex-girl chumming up with the current girl and convincing her that when a man gets angry and walks out on you it constitutes a physical threat. Obviously, neither of them has been in a situation where a man constitutes a physical threat.
Aside from the amusing miscarriage of justice in this case and a clear case of bunny boiling from the ex-girlfriend,my anger stems from the way in which this woman has made a travesty out of the real horror of domestic violence.
She has turned the system away from the people it is meant to protect and used it as a weapon of abuse against someone entirely innocent.
Sadly, this happens all to often. You can traipse into a magistrate’s court spin a tale of woe, swear under oath it is true and Hey Presto send someone to jail. It is the perfect tool for any passive aggressive. The point of is that when a man or a woman is in real danger the system looks and works as a joke. It doesn’t protect those who need it. It doesn’t protect those who are accused either.
A domestic-violence interdict is not a restraining order. It allows a person the right to call the police should an act of verbal, psychological or physical abuse take place. The police then cart off the offending party to the nearest cell to spend the next 24 hours until they cool down. Then they can go home. I guess it is a form of aversion therapy.
The problem is that we haven’t set down what constitutes verbal, psychological or physical abuse clearly enough.
For example, telling your wife when she asks that yes her bum does look big in that, should not be reason enough to spend a night in jail. If unfriending someone on Facebook is abusive, then rather fall back on, “It’s not you, it’s just a bad cut”. The silent treatment when one is pissed off shouldn’t be reason to spend a night behind bars either, but could be construed as psychological abuse.
Question: Does excessive snoring count as psychological abuse?
I’ve always maintained that if you happen to put a pillow over the offending subject’s head while suffering sleep deprivation you should not be held guilty of murder in any degree. It’s self defense that!



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