My boss, Montblanc and the Gautrain

I just received an impassioned call from my boss-at-large. He believes utterly in the power of social media to correct all ills and solve the world’s problems. More specifically, to bring back the lost Montblanc wallet left on the Gautrain in Hatfield on Sunday between 3 and 5 pm.

I’d like to share his optimism, but my cynicism is crippling. Nonetheless, I am blogging, Facebooking and Twittering as requested in the vain hope that somebody will give a damn and return the bloody thing.

The chances are pretty slim, but I promised.


If you happen to have picked up a black Montblanc Wallet on the Hatfield Gautrain this weekend, drop me a line won’t you?

I need the brownie points.

Bugger! I just remembered I was supposed to be taking the damn thing today. I guess the desire to drive my mother’s C-Class Merc, overwhelmed the part of me that wants to try public transport. What a pity.

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