Smiling One and the Crowdsource Challenge

Words have tremendous power and no more so then when spreading a message of hope. Instead of forwarding on another “God loves you, but if you don’t forward this to 1 million of your closest friends you will die a terrible death and spend in eternity burning in hell” message, why not tell someone you know about Smiling One?

What is Smiling One and why am I trying to get you to do something about it?

Well first off, Karina Anderson, the founder of Smiling One, is a remarkable woman who believes in the old adage of teaching a man to fish. She remains a dreamer even when face to face with a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Smiling One will close in under a week unless they can raise enough funds (R122 000) to stay open. For many people that’s pocket change, for the people Smiling One touches it’s akin to a $16 million lotto payout.

Karina’s team goes in to prisons, schools, townships, disadvantaged communities and anywhere they are needed. They activate, what they call, Circles of Change. They train community leaders to become entrepreneurial Responsibility Coaches™ and Community Builders. Smiling One equips them to actively established platforms of responsibility within their own community involving youth, families and schools.

Why should I care?
I care because so many people, children and communities fall through the cracks.
I care because Karina is saving starfish.
I care because it could be me.
I care because the children she helps today will be the leaders of my country tomorrow.

So what can you do?
Well you don’t need to threaten your friends with an eternity as Satan’s pet labradoodle. You don’t even have to raid your piggy bank -although that would be nice. All you have to do is spread the word.

All you need to do is:
• Like this post
• Share it on Facebook
• Link to from your website, blog, Facebook profile or MySpace, hey even Google+ if you want
• Tweet using #SmilingOne
• Share some ideas on how we can raise enough money to make a difference

A parting thought…
“I have come to understand how important it is to focus on and invest in the human potential, guiding individuals, companies and communities onto a meaningful and successful path. Our thinking, our focus and our actions need to change in order to develop attitudes of heartfelt commitment, trust, loyalty, devotion, motivation, enjoyment, passion, inspiration and enthusiasm!” Rashid Toefy, CEO of the Cape Town International Convention Center on Smiling One

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