Dogs and Diapers

What is with women who dress their dogs up in clothes? Is it some perverted empty nest syndrome or just a horrible Paris Hilton parody? Should you wish, you can now purchase Wonder Woman, Superman, Spiderman and Batman costumes for your little lapdog not to mention the full array of rugby supporter gear.

No matter what you dress your tea cup poodle up in, it will still be nothing more that a Scooby snack for my Staffie. No dog can be an alpha in a pack when wearing a ballet tutu. They just can’t. When other dogs bark at them what they are saying is, “You’re ugly and your Momma dresses you funny.” Can you honestly stand in the park and shout out, “Come to Mommy, Snookie – wookie – poochie – poo” without blushing. No bloody wonder you can’t let the poor dog walk.

I must admit I have deep aversion to small yappy dogs and poodles of all sizes. I think they are an embarrassment to the canine world. I think women who carry them around as though their stunted little legs can’t carry them are beyond the pale. If you want a dollie go to Toys R Us. And perhaps if you’re spending more on your pooch’s attire than your own, you should consider psychiatric treatment for you and the psychological damage you’ve inflicted on your poor dog.

It is a fact. Dogs are dogs not people. People are people not dogs. People often forget this, which is why their dogs rule them and not the other way around. Dogs are not children. They don’t need to wear diapers. Yes, you can in fact buy diapers for dogs. Who knew?

PS: Google Images type in “unhappy dog in dress” click large images only. That poor girl.

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