Fathers and Daughters

Little girls love their fathers. In fact for most little girls their dad ranks above God in terms of seniority, faith and love. The first trick to dealing with dad’s and daughters is to understand that no-one is allowed to say a bad word about the dad to the daughter or about the daughter to the dad. Each is beyond reproach to the other. Oh, yes they may have words together, but neither will ever tolerate hearing them from another.

Why do I adore my dad?
He is the only man who has never failed to give me a Valentine.
He brought me home sharp HB pencils and pink rabbit erasers the smell of which still make me feel comforted.
He’d skip with me through the mall on a Saturday morning.
He’d treat me to breakfast at Stephanies if I was sick and buy me barley sugar candy to suck on.
He’d bring me clandestine and banned Archie comics in the middle of the night and read with me.
He’d always share his midnight snack.
He showed me the world and everything in it.
He supported me in whatever crazy venture took my fancy.
He fought in my corner and still always has my back.
He gave me the gift of great poetry and the solace to be found in a book.
He gave me the best education money could buy and never mentions that I could have done more with it.
No matter how many times I fall from the pedestal he always helps me get back up.
He taught me to write and gave me the power of words.
He makes me laugh, think, question and learn.
He taught me to pick my battles to win the war, a lesson I still struggle with.
He taught me that simple words hold the most power.
He may be far away in miles, but never far from my heart.
To him I will always be the most beautiful, talented, cleverest and brilliant woman in the world.
To me he will always be my friend, my guide, my mentor and my hero, but most of all, my father, the best one I could ever have.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy. I love you.

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