The Great School Ambush Part 1

School: “Hello, please could you and your husband attend a meeting with the headmistress on Wednesday at 10. It will last about 45 minutes.”

Oh great. Another ambush. I can hardly control my excitement at the prospect of walking to my doom. Again. Blindfolded, because once more they won’t tell us why we have been summoned. At least when I was called to the headmistress’s office at school I had some idea of what I had done wrong. Usually quite a few ideas and I approached it with a certain frisson.

I am hoping the discussion will focus on the bullying situation in Grade 1. However, I may well be wrong. I was last time.

Strangely enough shortly after the summons I received a phone call from the school psychologist about Small boy aged 9 in the Prep. He sounds quite efficient and asked me why Small boy aged 9 needed to see him and lots of insightful questions that made me wish I had kept one of baby diaries that organised Mommies have. First burp, first poop, first smile etc.

After our little chat I asked him whether or not the headmistress at the Pre-Prep had chatted to him about Small boy aged 6. For some unfathomable reason I was not surprised that the answer was no. She’d only assured me last week she would do so. So I filled him in on the Situation and he has agreed to see Small boy aged 6 next week. Thank you for small mercies.

In the meantime I am going to assume the ambush addresses the Situation, although I can’t see why we get called in and the parents of the aggressor don’t. Maybe I am just bats, but I would think kicking a child repeatedly in the gut should be grounds for expulsion. I suppose I will have to draft an email to the class mother (Goddess save me from ever having to fulfill this function). I feel I need to have other parents’ experiences to give mine worth. I shouldn’t. Small boy aged 6’s experience should be enough.


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