The cat and the Goddess

Our Burmese cat is called Friday for obvious reasons, one being that every time we find her we can say, “Thank God its Friday!” Here’s some trivia for you this bright and sunny morning, Friday is named after the Norse goddess Freya. She is the goddess of love and fertility; she rides a chariot pulled by two cats (Burmese I bet) and divides up any slain warriors with Odin. Well, there you go.

My Friday did not start out well. I was still reeling from picking up Small girl aged 5 from her playdate with her BFF the night before. Too put it mildly, I was not popular. I was screamed at, yelled at and told what a bad and horrible person I was without any love for my daughter. Oh, and I didn’t let her sit in the coveted seat in the car either, which just made everything worse.

And then… and then… I capitulated and went to MacDonalds in desperation for a few minutes of quiet and blissful love from my offspring. Do not make the mistake of judging me for this. Walk a mile in my shoes and then see. Anyway, they have really cool Transformers toys at the moment.

Back to this morning – long suffering husband refuses to suffer any longer and barked at us like a US Marine Drill Sergeant to get up and get dressed at 05:30. This had entirely the opposite effect as all three offspring refused point blank to move without a cuddle from their mother. So, father’s feelings were hurt and mother had to do some very delicate negotiations to get all three offspring dressed and eating breakfast.

Mother was then informed the entire way to school how Daddy does things on the morning drive. How I wasn’t allowed to simply drop off boys 1 and 2 at the gates of school, but walk them in, and how Daddy lets Small girl aged 5 hold his pinkie while she balances on the wall. Really, neither of us can win. And I had to listen to The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds (which last for bloody eternity) all the way in.

Eventually arriving at work with a sigh of relief I committed myself to getting rid of this Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock PS3 Band Bundle I seem to have ended up with. and myself have a basic conflict of opinion on this and this huge box has now been shipped between the two of us 3 times. First of all, I ordered the Wii set. Secondly, it arrived late and wrong. Thirdly, just give me my blasted money back or credit. I can seem to get these points through their heads, their call centre staff speak in tongues (from the Flats) and we cannot understand each other at all. So, the upshot is I need to sell the blasted thing and get it out of my life. R1 400, never used, please take it, I beg of you.

Assuming that when I check my bank balance just now and discover that I have at last been paid, I just might wander down the road to the Kai Thai Spa for a quick back massage at lunchtime… Wish me luck.

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