Working Mother 2

Omigod! DSL down because I forgot to pay phonebill. It got lost in karate, ballet, cricket and school fees. Can’t do online research for job and am resorting to connecting using my old Nokia, because I can’t figure out how Crackberry works.

All my fault because of a) failure to pay phonebill and b) waiting until 10:30 on Sunday night. Still, this is my time. The few sacred hours I snatch away every day after school bags are packed, (note to self: Where is small boy aged 8’s reader?), lunchboxes are packed and laundry is spinning happily around in the washer. Must not forget to put cricket kit in dryer before bed.

Otherwise, a lovely weekend and a classic case of working parent angst. Instead of buying small girl almost aged 5 a pre-built doll-sized Wendy house at exorbitant cost from Wendylane (How twee is that? I half expected to be met my Peter Pan, but instead I got Primrose), we are building our own. And yes I know. However, we have completed the floor and it looks marvelous. My fingers are gluey with varnish, but it glows like the rising sun.

No, of course we are not following a plan. Who does that anyway? Who has time to Google for a Wendy house plan? Anyhow, how hard can it be? It is times like these I am immensely grateful to have a husband who can handle a drill and is able to perform a small miracle for our daughter. You see, without the Wendy house the sky will come crashing down a la Chicken Little and the world will end in tears and trauma. Said house, must be pink and purple with sash windows and window boxes filled with bright flowers of same colours. Mother must also conjure up furniture e.g. mini bed, recover old chair with help of staple gun (must buy staple gun and material), bookshelf and toy box. Granny, bless her, bought a Hello Kitty oven for Christmas so at least that is covered. (Must not forget mini broom etc.)

The U2 concert is tonight. Many thousands of my fellow countrymen are currently listening to an Irishman who has head up his arse for last 2 decades. “Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.” Well, stop bloody clapping then Bonehead! You’d think that a man who has dealt with the press for as long he has would know better than to come into a volatile political arena like ours and start spouting off about singing protest songs like “Kill the Boer!” Now he’s upset that he’s been misquoted. Well, really!

List to do for tomorrow:

Small girl almost aged 5’s birthday cake and cupcakes for school ring (arrange ring with teacher so does not conflict with other birthday child).

Find something creative to do with cauliflower that small boy aged 6 who only eats Bovril and bacon will find palatable.

Postpone small girl almost aged 5’s party until completion of Wendy house.

Arrange small boy aged 8 birthday party for April – will be organised mother!

Buy present for birthday party on Saturday past and one for next week’s one too.

Book helper (stupid PC term) on cookery course so we don’t starve and my children get some Third World malnutrition disorder due to garage chicken pies and lack of vegetables.

Activate R2000 Spar voucher.

Find a good time to mention to current employer will need 6 weeks off for operation, but can work from home. Will welcome any ideas on how to handle this.

Call cousin.

Call friend and grovel for being bitch who doesn’t answer phone.

Call girlfriend and try to arrange a Big Night Out for sometime this millennium.

Keep head above water.


Take meds.

Deadline. Deadline. Deadline.


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