Alcoholics call it the moment of clarity
No doubt it will be the cause of some hilarity
I’ve spent many years honing my mantra to life
One to get me through times of panic and strife

It seems I allowed it to slip my mind
And it was unbelievably hard to find
I hope you don’t mind if I share
My thoughts on the matter here

Take the salmon – a fish
A tasty supper dish
He spends his life swimming upstream
Can you hear his embattled scream?
When he finally arrives at the top
He’s got one good fuck before his heart will stop

Take the duck
Who doesn’t give a fuck
He floats downstream with a lazy quack
Let life’s troubles run like water off his back
He follows the summer sun
In search of good times and all sorts of fun
Flies through the skies
‘Til the day he dies
I think I’d rather be a duck

All this background rhymes and context
Is to set the stage for another promotion concept
They want a wheel
They’ve got one
We lost the appeal
They won

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