Domestic Bliss

There are tomes to be read on wedded bliss
From what to wear to how to kiss
The perfect lingerie to wear
La Sensa (I’d just like to share)
When you make the change to Mrs from Miss
Well, you’ve probably already made a list

Kamasutra positions learnt
You might have got your fingers burnt
Twisting this way, twisting that
Carpet burns upon the mat
You may be able to put your foot behind your head
But there is simpler way to get a man in bed
A little look, a subtle smile
You won’t even have to wait a while

It has been said in ages past
That food is the way to tame a man’s heart
At this I have to disagree
Love is simpler by far you see
For there’s plenty of magic in simple things
Like a pair of golden wedding rings


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