Trials and Tribulations

We live life in extremes
Highs and lows and few in-betweens
Just when I think its all plain sailing
I’m overboard in 10 foot waves arms flailing
It started with a telephone call at 1 pm sharp
Yesterday afternoon from a hungry loan shark
The bank has foreclosed upon our home
Despite the positive balance on our loan
“Oh yes”, they said, “there’s been an error”
No need to feel such abject terror
Unfortunately there’s a judgment in your names
And it’s really a terrible crying shame
There’s nothing really that we can do
Sadly it’s all up to you
To hire an overpriced attorney
With a highly overrated LLB
To go to court and demand they rescind
Cry “mea culpa” and admit that they sinned
All this at our personal cost
Money we can regard as irrevocably lost

I wish my sorry tale ended there
But there is another mishap I must share
On the way to watch the fireworks at the school
(which by the way were awesome and cool)
Some vehicularly challenged PDI
(“Previously Disadvantaged Individual as named by those on high)
Drove straight into the rear of my car
As we sat stationary following yonder star
He ranted and raved that we were in the wrong
We gathered a rather interesting throng
Who agreed with us that he was a nutter
Deserving of his place in nearest gutter
Nonetheless he has no insurance and no employ
Except probably as someone’s garden boy
“You can’t leave me here, you owe me money!”
I know one-day we’ll look back and find this funny
But right now I can’t find the silver lining
And can only find solace in this pitiful whining

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