Weekend Murmurs

Friday night
A door slams
A fright
A jump
A guilty face
Did I interrupt a tête-à-tête?
An office bound flirtation
Out of hand
A glass too many
And la la land
A bucket clasped to breast
He leads her to an early rest
I shudder now to try and think
How her head must ache
From too much drink

Saturday dawned
Too bright
And too early
But the promise of a bluebird song
Hurried small feet along
And we rode in the soft summer morning
A stallion neighed without warning
A small boy’s smile near split the sky
A moment of joy money cannot buy

Lazy day
To the beat of a bongo drum
Played by a Rastafarian
We swung gently
under the tall tall trees
Rocked to sleep by voices
murmuring on the breeze

A catch of conversation
Between a mother and a son
The question of fraternal duty
To ensure his sister’s chastity
When masculine temptation calls
Small boy just smiles and quietly states,
“Mum, I’ll kick him in the balls!”
I train them young
And keep them keen
She’ll stay untouched until 18


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