My Brave Face

I’ve lost my brave face
I can’t find it anyplace
I really need it on today
I need to hear my father say
“Chin up, stout fella, it’ll be okay”

I need eyedrops made by appointment to the Queen
To give my eyes that shiny, sparkly sheen
I need some expensive make-up base
To wipe away the streaks the tears have traced
I need some long-lasting lipstick to paint on a smile
I need someplace to curl up and sleep for a while
So if you happen to find it lying around somewhere
You can find me sitting right here

Why the deep pit of self inflicted misery?
The loss of my usual misplaced bravery?
I woke up this morning to a cold realization
That my best friend will no longer be in this nation
And totally selfish though it may be
I feel suddenly bereft and lonely
Email and Facebook will still connect us
But a pool table will stand empty at Bohemians
No more glasses of cheap red wine
I might sink into a deep decline

No matter, it’s just a passing phase
It’ll only last a couple of days
I’m suffering complete hormonal overload
Which means that I’m bound to explode
Over the smallest, stupidest thing
Not really filled with the joys of spring
The worst thing about this malady
Is that it hurts the people close to me
I’m writing here my heartfelt apology
For my totally screwed up psychology
So please don’t look too closely at me
You’ll only see the screaming banshee
Who has staged a pretty well-orchestrated escape
And assumed my face, my voice and shape

I’m feeling the effects of nostalgic memories
For the friendly faces that once surrounded me
Nighttime ghosts of girls I knew
Who lived every moment brave and strong and true
Whose days down here were numbered on some celestial board
Who stuffed in every single experience that they could
No more nights in Morris Minors or hanging out with bands
Now I see them in my dreams in some other far off land
There are other faces captured in fading photographs
Of some or other time when we shared a few loud laughs
When all the world lay before us as an oyster at our feet
And we had yet to sample the bitter taste of defeat
We’ve grown up to be wise
A few more wrinkles around the eyes
I hope that somewhere in there safely stored inside
Is a little bit of innocence, a little remnant of the child


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