Moving On

I’ve cheered up now quite a bit

Got over this morning’s earlier snit

Which is why when asked to fill in

yet another appraisal form

I was filled with glowing praise

for my the way my colleague performs

Now I plan to start writing a Mills and Boon

The kind where boys are men and lovely young ladies swoon

I don’t imagine it will be the kind of literary flavour

I would ask my mother and father to savour

But I hope it might help bring some dosh

Which lets face it would help quite a lot

If you have any ideas please send them over smartish

I keep starting scenarios but lose impetus at the finish

No smart comment from the peanut gallery

You may find yourself in some romantic parody

I’ve stolen moments every day

To read a Vanity Fair page

I’ve shed some tears over poor old Zim

And looked enviously on supermodels so damn slim

I’ve read the fairytale of Carla Bruni

France’s beautiful new first lady

And Nicky Haslam – how cool is he?

Larger than life like the irrepressible Taki

Unafraid to speak his mind,

Unfettered by social norms and unpleasant climes

Imagine we could follow the sun

In search of parties, clubs and fun?

I’m in a rare and awkward situation

Without a job demanding creation

Although in times of crisis and trauma

I long for a hiatus and a late night chicken korma

Now that I have the time on my hands

I’m gripped by panic for when it all ends

There must be a pay-back for this time of quiet

Sooner or later there’ll be a riot

And I worry that I may lose the plot

And not be able to write a jot

So give me some work Fee,

Please, please, please

I’ll even take a brief on SAT!

I’m sitting in a meeting trying hard to seem focussed

While all the time keeping my kegs firmly crossed

Please don’t ask for something clever from me

All I think of is how much I need to wee

Great. Are we decided then? Let’s move!

I’ve taken a breather caught my breath

And found a site called La Blogotheque

There’s a music video for a band named Menomena

The song “Wet and Rusting” has become a phenomena

Take a quick look at what music can do

To two little people walking down the rue

Somewhere in Paris who stopped to

Let the joy of music tell their bodies what to do


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